Occupational Health and Safety has evolved greatly in South Africa since the mid 80’s, originally known as the “Factory Act”, it now encompasses every aspect of the business world in South Africa.

There are no exemptions, and apply equally from a one-man proprietary business to the large multi-national companies. Equally so there is no industry or occupation not compelled to apply to their relevant OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT AND REGULATIONS from residential rentals to mining.

There is even more applicable to the maze of Regulations, Acts and Legislations, it has there for become industry-norm to appoint professional OHS Consultants to safeguard business-owners from prosecution due to non-compliance. The law is quite clear and direct in requiring you to appoint a COMPETENT person under the Act that is determined by Education, Training and Experience.

Public and employee safety has become a public relations nightmare, even for suppliers, as the Act clearly holds a business-owner responsible for all employees, including those of his contractors, as well as for any property under his control. Appointing a non-competent person will leave the business-owner unshielded and unprotected from prosecution. The highly-regulated business environment of today there is no longer an option to be left liable for civil-claims, or criminal prosecution.